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Who We Serve

Every year our services touch the lives of at least 1,700 adults with visual impairments.  Because many vision problems are age-related, most of our clients are older and also cope with chronic health problems.  Our typical client is an older woman who lives alone.  The profile of the clients we served in the fiscal year ending June 30, 2011, looks like this:

Income Level

  • 61% were extremely low income (living on less than $19,000/year)
  • 16% were very low income
  • 10% were low income

Vision Impairment Diagnosis

  • macular degeneration - 52%
  • cataracts - 2%
  • glaucoma - 9%
  • diabetic retinopathy - 10%
  • other conditions - 26%


  • Youngest was age 23Veronica Villa with Perry Davis
  • Oldest was over 100 years old
  • 90% are 55 or older


  • 71% women
  • 29% men

Living Situation

  • 64% live alone
  • 35% live in a retirement community, assisted living facility or nursing home

Where They Live

  • 33.5% in Central Contra Costa County
  • 22.1% in West County
  • 17.5% in East County
  • 2.9% in South County
  • 24% in Alameda County

We invite you to visit the sidebar on the left to meet some of our clients and read their stories.


FiveGoldenRings low res

Veronica with Pittsburg Adult Education Center ceramics instructor Fred Turner

After surgery for a brain tumor, Veronica Villa had chemotherapy and radiation treatments, which affected her optical nerve.


Mac singing at LCVI

Mac Coates brings his considerable people skills to the Lions Center for the Visually Impaired, speaking informally with people struggling with the loss of vision or new to the Center.