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Our Services

At LCVI we believe that growing older doesn’t always have to mean growing blind.  We offer FREE vision screenings and follow-up services to help adults manage health issues to prevent or slow vision loss. We also believe that losing sight doesn’t have to mean loss of independence or meaning in life. We offer a full array of services to help adults maintain dignity and quality of life despite vision loss. 

Read on for information about free vision screenings, in-home services, group activities, lending library and technology supplies!


Vision Screenings for Seniors

We offer free vision screenings to people 55 and older throughout our service area primarily at senior housing facilities.  Early detection and treatment of degenerative eye diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and cataracts can slow the progress of eye disease and even save your sight.  Call Shirley Schroth at 925-432-3013 to discuss scheduling a screening in your community or click here for more information about what a free screening will include.

In-Home Services – FREE throughout Contra Costa County and adjacent areas

  • Needs Assessments – Let one of our professional staff help you identify your unique needs and work with you to make a plan for meeting those needs.
  • Counseling – Having trouble dealing with the grief that accompanies your vision loss?  Worried about how your disability will affect your independence and your relationships with family and friends?  We have experts who can help.
  • Training in Daily Living Skills for the Blind and those with Low Vision – Our staff is ready to introduce you to techniques and aids that will allow you to maintain your independence and continue with your favorite activities.  Whether it’s outfitting your kitchen with tactile labels so you can continue to cook or teaching you techniques for managing your money when you’re out shopping, we can help.
  • Help with Adaptive Aids – New technology makes it possible for those with visual impairments to lead active, independent lives. Whether its talking clocks, watches, calculators, scales and glucometers or large print aids, our staff can connect you with the right tools and teach you how to use them in your own home.  Or ask about our “technology lending library” of CCTVs, hand-held video readers and other high-tech video devices.
  • Orientation and Mobility – Worried about falls in your home?  Afraid to venture outside when you have trouble seeing?  We offer adaptation and training for those with vision problems so you can move about your home safely and travel with confidence in your community.



Group Activities – includes FREE transportation!

Activity Classes
– An opportunity to socialize with your peers and learn how to live a full and independent life despite vision loss.

  • Monday at the Center, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. – cooking, support group, crafts, exercise; includes lunch.
  • Tuesday at the Center, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. – arts and crafts; includes lunch.

Call 925-432-3013 for more information or to sign up.

Support Groups – Need a safe place to share personal fears and frustrations about your vision loss and pick up some practical tips and support from others who have faced the same challenges?  Try one of our support groups.  Typical discussion topics include:

    • How can you deal with the stages of grief that accompany loss of vision?
    • How can you continue to feel comfortable while eating in front of others?
    • How do you deal with family members who won’t let you do anything for yourself?
    • How do you deal with peers who treat you like you have some dreaded disease?

We host group meetings throughout Contra Costa County.  Each group is facilitated by a skilled professional.  Click here to find a group near you.

Special Events – Holiday luncheons and occasional field trips, hosted by local Lions Clubs and other community organizations, are frequently held on the days regular classes are held at the Center.  Call 925-432-3013 to find out what is planned for the current month.

Computer Lab and Classes – JAWS-equipped hardware and voice-activated software converts text to speech for the blind.  Screen magnification software makes technology accessible for the visually impaired.  To inquire about training, call 925-432-3013.


Lending Library and Technology Supplies

– Call 925-432-3013 to schedule a personal assessment including a home visit and evaluation and find out how you can borrow a CCTV for your home.
Magnifiers – We offer an array of different types for different vision problems.  Call 925-432-3013 to find out how to borrow one that meets your needs.
Visual aids – Call LCVI at 925-432-3013 to shop for hand-held magnifiers, talking watches, canes and other adaptive devices.